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Designing your classes
Mastery In your own kitchen means learning how to use the equipment you have to produce the results you desire. It means you determine the dishes you learn. It means classes that you create, in your own home.

Class series can be organized for 2-6 participants; the number of sessions matching the number of participants in the group. Each class is held in a different group member's kitchen. Rather than learning in an unrealistically professional environment, epicurean students learn in their own kitchens.

While "stock" classes are an option, we prefer to design each series of classes to your specific interests. We will meet with your group to discuss your interests and your lifestyles, so we can respond to your needs. Since each participant has an opportunity to host a class in their own kitchen, we recommend that priority be given to the hosts' interests when it is their turn.

Emphasis is always placed on technique and organization, rather than on recipes...after all, if you can read this you can read a recipe! All classes are hands-on, participatory. Where recipes are used, they will be distributed at the beginning of class; please bring a clipboard, an apron, and a dishtowel to class.

Should you need some ideas for classes, please peruse the list below:

• Entertaining demystified: how add a dinner party to the juggling act
• As easy as pie… crust!
• The cookie jar
• Soups, both simple and elegant
• 1,001 ways to cook a chicken breast, without a shopping list
• Cakes, icings, and fillings, including decorations
• Souffles - four ways to delicously impress
• Risottos and Pilafs
• Fish and fish sauces
• Hors d'oeuvres