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Please plan on at least two weeks' research and calendar coordination to create your series. It takes a bit more time but in business as in cooking a little time, a little care, is worth the investment.

Organizing a group of six people is not an easy task. We are happy to be flexible, scheduling classes according to your group's availability: daytime, evening, or weekends. Classes can be spaced weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or irregularly. Not all classes in a series need be held at the same time of day or the same day of the week. However, we prefer to plan your entire series' dates together so that dates can be fixed on your calendar and on ours.

We have organized our fee schedule on a per-person, per-class basis. Generally, each class costs $75 per person. Discount schedules are available in certain circumstances. Cost of ingredients is in addition to class fees, and will vary depending on the subject matter. Ingredient costs are generally not expensive, unless you want to organize a class using truffles!