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Epicurean Cooks

Your kitchen is one of the greatest places to express yourself creatively. Unfortunately we are so busy with so many things we've begun to lose one of the most satisfying work/play opportunities we have and consequently the heart of our homes. Cooking, preparing meals, feeding those we cherish can be an act of love and generosity, and a chance for us to relax, to focus our minds. It's a bit like yoga in that way. The pressures of life can recede, and we can reclaim our sanity, but not if we are enslaved to a cookbook or to the same old repertoire of recipes.

That is why at epicurean we work on the techniques, and we touch and taste every step of the way. Cooking is literally hands-on, so we make sure everyone gets a chance to poke and prod, stir and fold, so that a sensory memory can be established. Understanding the techniques that underlie a recipe frees the cook from the recipe, allows the cook to experiment, and also to prevent or rectify a disaster! In some cases, participants may be encouraged to bring their own recipes in for discussion and experimentation. We also talk about organization and maximizing the little time we have to prepare wonderful meals. Despite the current cooking show contest craze, great food does not race the clock!

Above all, cooking is a labor of love, and if it isn't fun, it isn't worth doing. We like to encourage a social and collegial atmosphere; a bunch of friends getting together to have fun and discover new skills guided by a professional with expertise, training, and experience.

Who Takes Cooking Classes?
Just about anyone who loves food!

  • Couples who like to cook and entertain together.
  • Groups of individuals and couples who like to dine together.
  • Families who want to participate together.
  • Newlyweds who are learning together.
  • Moms who need new ideas and want a good excuse to socialize.
  • Parents and children who want to learn together.
    • "Making Cookies with Mom", "Pizza with Pappa", "Fancy Food with the Folks."
  • Children age 9-19.
    • Birthday parties for up to 8.
    • Ongoing classes on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, up to 4 participants.