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Dinner Parties 101
Where has the dinner party circuit gone? The thought of inviting friends for dinner is daunting…who has time, and where will we find a sitter? We can't help with the sitter, but dinner parties are truly possible, given about two hours per evening for three or four evenings prior to the party. That's all it takes.

Well, that and GREAT organization. That's where my catering skills come in handy. I can teach you how to design a menu, read a recipe, prepare a shopping list, and organize a preparation list. Recipes can often be broken down into small steps that can be done in advance: this is called the mise en place, the initial setup. There are certain things to consider when devising a menu, such as seasonality of ingredients, guests' preferences and prohibitions, but most important is the flow of your preparation. It is actually possible to invite two or three couples for dinner and join them for the meal!

Entertaining is often less expensive than going out to dinner. For the price of an excellent dinner for two including wine, you can prepare a dinner for six in your home, including wine! epicurean can design a class on the subject for your group, or provide consulting or even catering on an individual basis for important events. (see Services section of this website)